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New Mental Health Unit – Fayetteville, NC

The 11,115 GSF project area encompasses a new Mental Health Unit and related support spaces on the 5th floor of historic Building #1.  The majority of the project area (an interior renovation) will be completely demolished and rebuilt.  Removal of asbestos or lead containing materials, if any are present, will be part of the demolition work.  The new Mental Health Unit will include three major areas:  an open unit area (for less-acute patients), a lockdown unit area (for acute patients), and support areas.

Patient areas include: 20 private patient bedrooms, 20 private patient bathrooms, 2 combination dayroom/dining rooms, 1 interview room/group room, and 1 exam room.  Staff areas include: 2 nurse stations, 2 staff toilets, 1 head nurse office, 1 staff break room.  Each Nurse Station area shall include a nourishment station, medication cart storage, and crash cart storage.  Support areas include: Staff supervised patient laundry room, clean and soiled linen rooms, housekeeping closet, and storage areas.

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