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IDIQ contracts are unique and require a specialized project approach.  They are designed for quick response and completion with high quality and value. Harbor Services feels the keys to managing a successful IDIQ project are experience, professionalism and long-term dedication to the Owner’s needs. Harbor holds these keys.

The ability to manage multiple task orders, staff multiple projects simultaneously and maintain strict safety procedures are all familiar elements to us at Harbor and we have implemented the proper procedures and processes to ensure successful, on time completion of multiple task orders and projects as demonstrated throughout our site.   

We completed an IDIQ contract (2011-2016) with the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC that included over forty (40) task orders including scopes of work inside and outside the facility, totaling over $8.7M. (Task order list attached) 

In addition to this IDIQ, in May 2012, we were awarded a MATOC contract in Columbia/Charleston, South Carolina with a one year base and four (4) one year renewal options.  The cost range for this MATOC was $30,000.00 to $10,000,000.00 not to exceed $50,000,000.00 for the life of the contract.  Harbor Services completed multiple projects under this MATOC as described in this package.

2012 MATOC – CHAS/Columbia – $7,987,117.57
Kitchen Renovation – Columbia, SC – 1,810,933.00
B100 Upgrade Chemo Pharmacy – Columbia – 981,245.11
Renovate/Expand OR Support Space – Charleston – 1,523,451.71
Renovation Of Halls And Walls – 396,819.00
Kitchen Walk-In Coolers – 186,121.00
Expand & Renovate Emergency Department – Chas – 1,684,793.83
Renovation Of Front Lobby – Chas – 1,393,309.92
Sprinkler Of Congregate Bathrooms In 3-A  – 10,444.00

2018 VISN 7 MATOC – $2,335,800 (Completed)
Correct Critical Site Security Deficiencies – 1,138,773.00
Exterior Coating Building 100 And 100A – 789,190.00
Abatement Of Building 5 Exterior – 310,047.00
HAZMAT Abatement Building 22, 2nd Floor – 63,980.00
Replace Rooftop Ductwork – 33,810.00
Grounds Improvements – 357,369.00
Tower Sewer Line Repair – 124,969.00
Abatement Services For Bldg. – 100 51,999.00

In Progress: $3,269,998
Cardiac Cath Lab HVAC – 1,167,967.00
Correct Roofing Deficiencies B9 & B22 – 1,567,694.00

To learn more about our process and if we might be a fit for your IDIQ or MATOC program, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions or submit our qualifications for your consideration. 

Harbor Services is currently working on the third year of a 3 year IDIQ contract at the Charleston VA Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to the Charleston IDIQ, Harbor Services also holds an IDIQ contract with the Fayetteville, NC VA Medical Center and a MATOC contract encompassing Charleston and Columbia.

Below are some of the projects we have successfully completed under these contracts: